Determining Device Account Email Address in Cordova for BlackBerry 10

Big brother vs big friend: This is what happen with tech, who will monitor to monitors?. I am not teenager yet, really I am more than double than them but I am working with tech since then, I usually write mys blogs, twits, faces, etc….but I ever think about my privacy. May be cause I am BlackBerry user…think about it… 🙂

BlackBerry Developer Blog

Guest post by Shikhir Singh, Senior Enterprise Developer.


For a WebWorks developer, it’s useful to have access to information that can help identify the user of an app. The Cordova plugin com.blackberry.identity can help you get the UUID and the IMEI numbers of the device. But while this information is handy, it does not give a complete picture of the identity of the user.

A newly available Cordova plugin,, will retrieve all email addresses for registered accounts set up on the device, as well as the one email address marked as default. This plugin can be used to identify a user automatically or to auto-populate a user’s email address in a form field. Users of mobile devices are notorious for form field typos, why make your user type more information when you can auto-populate it? This plugin can also automatically serve individualized content for each identified user…

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